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So, I decided to start new topic because there is a little info and nobody posted anything about Shakira since....when

During an interview with Shakira about the Foundation and her professional goals. A reporter ask her about the new album: Question- The new CD?
"Hmm, the inspiration! We will have it halfway through next year. Because I always take time when writing. I already wrote like 30 songs, but I'm still searching for a few more." says Shakira.
"I travel to London to meet up with a few producers; but I am in charge of the general production. There's a lot of work, like taking care of myself, continuing to write, looking for an even better sound than on the previous album...The challenge is to improve myself." says Shakira.

<BLOCKQUOTE>SHAKIRA IN THE STUDIO: Shakira is still doing some experimental phases of the album in various parts of the world. Here is a list of a few places Shakira has been recording her new album
Miami, Florida Wyclef (Producer)
Vancouver, Canada (Luis Ochoa)
Los Angeles, California (Red One)
London, England
Jose Ignacio, uruguay

Source - Shakira offical forum.

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